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2017 Booking Terms and Conditions


The Client- the person(s) who book and pay for the rental of the Villa. The Client guarantees that they have the authority to accept and do accept on behalf of the Party who stay at the Villa, the terms of these booking conditions. The Client must be at least 24 years old to make a booking.

The Party - any person or persons who participate in the rental of and/or staying at the Villa and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the holiday Agreement

The Owner - represents the Owners of the Villa who have the legal authority to rent out the Villa and offer any terms and conditions they so chose to the Client for the purpose of renting the Villa

The Villa - Villa Paramelle, 56 Demokrasi Caddesi, Kalkan, 07960 Antalya, Turkey

The Villa Rental Agreement

When the Client makes a booking the Agreement is between the Client and the Owner and made once a confirmation has been issued to the Client following payment.

Paying for the Villa Rental

Payment must be in full or as a 25% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking (if booked more than 8 weeks in advance) by the Client, and can be through cleared cheque or cleared bank transfer.

Price Guarantee

After confirmation of the booking to the Client there will be no change in the price of the Agreement. The Villa rental price includes the cost of the normal usage of gas, electricity and water and weekly cleaning.  The Villa rental price does not include transfer costs, airport or other taxes, insurance cover or other costs in whatever form.


The Client must check the confirmation and other documents received immediately on receipt. The Client must contact the Owner straightaway if any information appears to be incorrect. The Owner is responsible for providing the Villa for the use of the Client as confirmed to the Client.

If the Client Changes their Booking

If, after confirmation has been issued, the Client wishes to change the booking arrangements in any way, the Owner will do their utmost to make these changes but it may not always be possible. Any request for changes to be made by the Client must be in writing. If a member or members of the Party withdraws from the Villa rental, someone else can take their place providing the Owner is notified in writing.

If the Client Cancels the Villa Rental

To cancel the entire villa rental the Client must contact the Owner by email. Cancellation takes effect on the date communication is received from the Client. If the Client cancels after the booking is confirmed the client will lose their 25% deposit. If the Client has to cancel for a reason covered by their insurance policy, the Client should be able to recover the cancellation charges. Claims must be made directly to the insurance company concerned. When only some members cancel in the Party there will be no charge. The following cancellation charges apply:

More than 8 weeks before arrival date                 25% of the total rental cost of the Villa
From 6-8 weeks before arrival date                     50% of the total rental cost of the Villa
Less than 30 days before arrival date                   100% of the total rental cost of the Villa

If the Owner Changes or Cancels the Villa Rental

It is unlikely that the Owner will have to make any changes to the Villa rental. In the event of minor alterations the Owner will do their best to notify the Client before the arrival date. If a significant change or cancellation has to be made to the Villa rental arrangements the client will be notified as soon as possible. The Client may then accept the changed arrangements or cancel the booking completely, in which case all monies paid by the Client will be refunded without exception.

Important Note: Refund arrangements do not apply to circumstances beyond the Owner's control. The Owner may have to cancel the rental arrangement in the event of and not limited to: war, threat of war, riots, civil strikes or terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural or nuclear disasters, fire, airport, port or station closures, bad weather conditions and similar events beyond our control.


Adequate insurance is essential. All necessary holiday and travel insurance cover must be taken out by the Client for the protection of the Client and the Party and is the responsibility of the Client both in cost and arranging.

Please Note: The Client shall confirm their arrival and departure times at the airport in Turkey together with flight details so that transfers can be arranged.  The Client must also advise of any delays in the travel arrangements. 

Villa Accommodation

This is reserved exclusively for the people named in the confirmation and no other persons are permitted to stay at the accommodation unless this has been agreed with the Owner in writing. The Client is responsible for all actions of the Party and/or any third party visiting the Villa and subsequent costs incurred even though the Client may not be present at the Villa at some or all of the time.

Security Deposit

A security deposit of £100 is to be paid with the rental balance to cover any damage to the Villa. Should the Client and/or any member of the Party and/or any third party visiting the Villa cause any accidental, wilful and/or negligent breakages, loss and/or damage of any item of the property or to the property itself and/or additional cleaning has been necessary, a charge to the Client equal to the cost to replace and/or repair that loss and/or damage including management and labour costs incurred will be taken from the security deposit. If the amount is greater than £100 to repair/replace, the Client agrees to pay the amount owing. The local Management Agent should be informed of any such damage/loss before the end of the rental agreement. The Management Agent will inspect Villa on departure, and contact the Owner. If there is no damage then the security deposit will be returned in full within 2 weeks of Client’s return.

Arrival and Departure

The Villa will be available for occupancy after 15:00 on the designated day of arrival and must be vacated by 11:00 on the designated day of departure, unless alternative arrangements are made and confirmed in writing by the Owner. Following discussions with our Management Company it may be possible to allow a departure time later than 11:00 or an arrival time earlier than 15:00, depending on preceding or following guests.

Liability to the Client

The Owner accepts responsibility for ensuring that the Villa for which the Client booked is supplied as described on the website. However we will not accept responsibility for any events listed in the Important Note section within Insurance Terms & Conditions, and where the Client and/or any member of the Party is at fault and/or the fault is of someone else not connected with providing the services which make up the Villa rental which the Owner has confirmed and/or any unusual or unexpected circumstances beyond the control of the Owner, which could not have avoided even if the Owner had used all possible care and/or any event which the Owner, their local Management Agents and/or a supplier could not help or prevent.

Local activities

We do not act as an agent for any supplier/owner of any activities/excursions advertised or booked during the holiday. Therefore if the Client or Party members utilise any services locally the agreement will be with the local supplier/owner and the Owner will not be liable for any complaints, claims loss or damages in relation to these activities/excursions.


If the Client has cause for complaint whilst renting the Villa, this must be brought to the attention of the local Management Agent immediately so that action can be taken to rectify the problem. Should the Management Agent be unable to resolve the matter, details of the complaint must be notified to the Owner in writing within 28 days of the end of your holiday. Any claims received outside this period cannot be considered.


At all times during the Villa rental, the Client and Party members must have consideration for third parties such as neighbours, as well as the Villa property and contents in order to maintain the high standards that can be enjoyed by future guests.

Important Note:  The pool is of the infinity type and the edge where water flows over is dangerous to climb, walk or in anyway traverse, and any injury caused as a result will not be the responsibility of the Owner and the Owner will not be liable for any complaints, claims loss or damages in relation to these activities.

Data protection policy

Definitions used in this clause will have the same meanings as in the Data Protection Act 1998. In order to process the booking, information is required to be provided such as name and address. The Owner will ensure that proper security measures are in place to protect the Client and Party information. The Owner will not pass the information on to any third party other than the local Management Agent for the sole purpose for transfer arrangements and will be exclusive to name only.

Applicable Law

The Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and each party to the Agreement submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

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