Enjoy a holiday in Kalkan, Turkey and visit Kekova, which is 40km from Kalkan. Kekova Island and the town of Kale nearby provide a great daytrip for the traveller looking for a combination of sunshine, swimming and fascinating historic ruins. The sunken city is an amazing site but it is not possible to swim over the ruins. Another way to see them would be by sea kayak

Ancient tombs at KekovaAlong the edge of the island facing the mainland lie the fascinating half-submerged remains of a Byzantine sunken city. Diving is not encouraged near to the ruins but your boat crew will ensure that you enjoy the crystal clear waters for swimming further to the west. Here, the remains of a Byzantine chapel stand on the beach and sunken remains can be explored whilst snorkelling.Kekova boats and fort on hill

This whole area is a fascinating Lycian necropolis, with chest-type tombs spread out along the coastline. Enjoy the ramparts of a hilltop Roman castle at Simena on the mainland as the views are stunning. The castle houses a small theatre, cut into the rock, for just about 300 people, a sign that this was a minor settlement in Roman times.

A lone Lycian sarcophagus standing in a few centimetres of water at the western side lures visitors to pose beside it for photographs. Today Kekova is a very popular anchorage for sailors who enjoy the history together with the nature. Restaurants at the harbour offer good Turkish food including locally caught fish.

A little further along the coast, towards Antalya lies Olympus, with a beautiful beach, ancients ruins and a fire breathing dragon, it's definitely worth a trip! With so many wonderful places to see, there is little wonder that visitors return to holiday villas in Turkey, year after year.


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