Letoon beach, long stretches of sand Letoon ruined columnsSpend your holidays in Kalkan and visit Letoon, which is 25km away and easy to drive to, or take a local dolmus.

The history of Letoon is closely linked with that of Xanthos and they are often seen as a 'double site'. Letoon is known to have been one of the most important religious centres of the Lycian region. Xanthos-Letoon is one of the most remarkable archaeological sites in Turkey and is registered in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. In recent years French archaeologists have begun to restore the Temple of Leto.

The remains of the two sites belong to the period between the 7th century B.C. and the 6th century A.D. The most important edifice is the Greek style theatre which has been preserved until our day.



Letoon is a romantic site and many of the monuments arise from standing water which provides lush vegetation. Terrapins and frogs are usually seen. Unfortunately though, the high water table hinders excavation.

While visting Letoon and Xanthos continue through the village till you reach the coast, a quiet sandy stretch of beach, great for relaxing and beachcombing. You can often buy fresh fish from the local fishermen here.

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