Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking over the Sunken City at KekovaKalkan villas offer you the flexibility to come and go as you please. There are some wonderful things to see in Turkey and some different ways to see them.  The sunken city at Kekova is an amazing site but it is not possible to swim over the ruins. Another way to see them would be by sea kayak.

This is an exciting alternative for exploring the Kekova-Simena region. You can paddle right over ancient ruins, getting a super view of them, at your own pace.

Since the area is off-limits to swimmers and divers, kayaking gives you the closest view of the underwater foundations, walls and mosaics dating back 2,000 years. Tours often disembark at the village of Kaleköy, inaccessible by road and topped with a castle of the Knights of Rhodes that gives an excellent panoramic view of the area.

For more information and photos, visit the website of Bougainville Travel, based in Kaş. Drive from Kalkan villas to Kaş in around 30 minutes; the journey takes you along one of the most spectacular coast roads in the world.




Torquoise waters of Kaputas beach near KalkanOlives on tree Sun setting from Patara over seaYellow flowering broomeTwo kayaks in seaSunlight through palm frond