Boat Trips

Anchored for lunch in quiet cove!You might be staying in Kalkan Turkey with private pool but that doesn't stop you from wanting to be on and in the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. Kalkan is located on one of the most beautiful parts of Turkey's Turquoise Coast and at least one day at sea should be part of everyone's holiday as there are places that can only be seen from a boat. There are many traditional Turkish gulets in Kalkan waiting to take visitors on sailing days. Boats from Kalkan usually set off around Kaputas beach10:00am and anchor for swimming and relaxation at various beauty spots throughout the day. Lunch is generally served on board; traditional Turkish fare, the standard on the gulets is extremely high. Drinks are also available but alcohol is not usually included in the booking price.


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Daily gulet tours will often visit the Güvercinlik and Güvercinini caves (caves that can only be visited by swimmers). You will be able to see Kaputas Beach and the Blue Cave. The best way to appreciate the incredible colour effects of the Blue Cave is to swim in or better still, dive and approach from underwater. The cave is in near darkness except for the indescribably brilliant phosphorescent-blue of the water, caused by sunlight shining up through the surface of the water. Perhaps you will anchor between Mouse and Snake Islands and take a swim. Gerenlik Bay to the west of Kalkan has very fine sand and is completely inaccessible by road. There is often nobody else around and the Mediterranean becomes your own private pool, a wonderful experience to take back with you from your holiday in Turkey.

Xanthos ruins at sunsetVilla Paramelle in Kalkan Turkey is only a short walk from the harbour, where you can charter your own boat or take a group trip with one of the local tour companies. Why not charter a boat for a romantic moonlight cruise or just sail the day away around the beautiful coves of Kalkan. It's a good idea to book in advance to ensure that your chosen vessel is available and ready to take you. There is some of the most wonderful swimming in crystal clear waters, Kekova and sarcophagi at Sunken Cityso don't forget to take your snorkel! Marine life is aplenty and dolphins have often been spotted further out to sea, playing in the waves.

Further down the coast is the gorgeous Kekova, which is a boat trip not to be missed. You travel over the Sunken City in a glass bottom boat and view ancient ruins partially or more often wholly covered by water. The island of Kekova is accessible by boat from Kalkan or Kas and offers a fun way to combine an exploration of ancient Lycian ruins with swimming in turquoise waters. Perhaps have a barbecue on the beach, relaxing in the sun on your holiday in Turkey.

Kekova is a submerged port dating back to the 5th century BC, when Lycia was an important kingdom in this region. The Lycian capital was Xanthos, an hour west of Kekova, where King Sarpedon, who fought in the Trojan Wars, originally came from. The Lycians traded with the Ancient Greeks and as trade increased, so did the incidence of piracy. For this reason, many harbours and ports were fortified as Kekova was. As you slide over the calm waters, you can see the remains of buildings and walls beneath your boat - staircases to nowhere. Ask nicely and the boat may stop to let you snorkel over the ruins, which were buried by a series of earthquakes over the centuries. Note that it is illegal to pick up any archaeological material, and watch out for the sea urchins.

Snorkelling to see the sunken city of Kekova Meis Greek island seen from boatAdjacent to Kekova's underwater ruins are the beautiful ruins of Simena, dating back to the 4th century BC. A medieval castle sits atop the little hill surrounded by the ruins of ancient Simena and you can climb to the summit to enjoy the views over the expanse of turquoise water. Look out for the unusual Lycian tombs which protrude from the shallow bay directly below.

Maybe you would like to cruise to the Greek Island of Meis (Castellorizo); it's only a 45 minute boat ride from Kaş or charter your own gulet for the day and ask them to take you there!

It's not going to be easy to leave your sun bed, private pool or your self-catering villa in Kalkan Turkey but you will have to if you want to appreciate some of the spectacular views that can only be seen from a boat and in some cases can only be seen from underwater.