Meis harbour, Greek island off Kas

When you stay in Kalkan you can take a day out to visit Greece. A half hour drive down the coast to Kaş, along the stunning coastal road, and then a 20 minute ferry crossing on the daily Meis Express with your passport, and you're on the Greek island of Meis (the Greek name is Kastelorizo).

Meis is a tiny Dodecanese island with a population of a couple of hundred inhabitants (swelling to double that in the smmer months, as well as a daily influx of tourists), sitting opposite the harbour of Kaş on the Turkish mainland.

The history of Meis is long and varied. The name Kastelorizo was given by the Knights of Rhodes who, conquering the island in the XIV century, were so impressed by the landscape as seen from the island, that they named the castle after it. It was once part of the Ottoman Empire, with a much greater population than today, with grand houses and a harbour full of large seafaring vessels.

Today Meis is quiet and relaxed, almost sleepy with it's handful of charming restaurants and cafes dotted along the waterline, the occasional tourist shop, one tiny bank, and numerous churches. The harbour area is very pretty, the houses colourful and the boats bringing in all the supplies for the island. Meis has no water and as well as all the produce, it has to be brought in by boat. And as with any Greek village there are cats popping up everywhere. There are a warren of alleyways to explore as well as a coastal path to walk, churches dedicated to various St. Georges to visit, and a local museum. You can also charter a small boat to take you to the Blue cave if the tide is right (if too high to enter by boat you can also swim in). At night, with the yachts arriving and the walkers exhausted, the tiny harbourfront comes alive with twinkling lights, gentle music and busy restaurants serving the catch of the day.

Brightly coloured geraniums growing on Meis islandBoats in small harbour of the island of Meis Pretty restaurants line the water's edge at Meis harbour












Fishing boat in Meis harbourFish restaurants on water's edge at MeisOld church dedicated to St George on the island of MeisOrange nasteriums in Meis streetSmall harbour of Meis island

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