The ancient site of Tlos, looking towards the ruined fort and rock tombs

It's no wonder that visitors return to Kalkan for their holidays with ancient sites like Tlos less than an hour away (45km from Kalkan). Spectacular in the spring with snow on the mountains forming the back drop, Tlos is an interesting Lycian site. It's nice to approach on foot if you can. A dolmus running along the little road that serves Xanthos and Saklikent can drop you at the bottom of the access road and the 4km hike gives you a feeling for the situation of the city. This is a fabulous site with lots to see. It's the sort of site you can take in quickly or linger for an afternoon.

Rock tombs at Tlos

The Tomb of Bellephoron is one of the sites to visit; the carvings on the tomb represent Tlos' main claim to archaeological significance. Another feature is Yedikapi, the seven doors or gates. Following signs for the Hamam or baths you'll come to a very dramatic set of seven arches overlooking the whole valley. Don't miss the theatre. Some charming carvings scattered about and the backdrop of the mountain range and the valley is hard to beat for spectacle.

While you're there the Yakapark trout restaurants are well worth a visit (one pictured left). They're situated in lovely natural surroundings and the sound of flowing water can be heard all around. It's such a lovely relaxing spot for a drink or meal. Whilst you sip your drink at the bar, fish swim by in a water canal which divides the bar in two. You won’t be able to resist stroking the fish as they swim past!

The Turquoise Coast is an area with a myriad of things to do and see. Not all of it can be viewed from the land. Take a boat trip and explore the caves and islands that you can only see from a boat, dive down into the crystal waters and enjoy the bountiful marine life. The flexibility of Kalkan villas suit those who are looking for slightly more than a sea and sun holiday. Places of interest to visit from Kalkan Villas - Turquoise Coast Map