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World Accommodation

Wherever you visit, one thing will always be important to your vacation: location, location, location. If the location is worth visiting, many would do whatever it takes to ensure their vacation lives up to every single expectation. Accommodation most certainly helps a great vacation become a perfect vacation. Something as simple as a good night’s sleep on a wonderfully comfortable bed can be the difference between a tiring break and a brilliant, adventure driven stay.

Grab cheap flights to Milan to experience staying in luxury Italian villas or breathtaking hotels in the fashion capital of the world. Alternatively, you can experience a dog hotel in the US, or a renovated sewage pipe in Austria. Of course, they will not be the luxury you are guaranteed in the likes of Milan or with Villa Parmelle in Turkey, but the experience may be worth it, just for one night. Australia even offers the public a chance to stay in jail without having to break the law, something which may be worth a stay for one night.

One place which is worth visiting, if only to stay in the weirdest hotel you will come across, is Berlin. A room full of mirrors, a night’s stay in a coffin, sharing a room with a couple of caged lions or even getting very confused in an upside down room. If that doesn’t appeal then maybe a night’s stay in a crime scene or a padded cell might – however these rooms may seem a little too much, with little to no sleep being the main order of the day. Perhaps living a night like a Hobbit may seem a little friendlier in New Zealand, or if you relax to the rush of water, a hotel in a waterfall which can be found in Chile.

One thing we've noticed however is that people seem to return, time and again, to the delights of Kalkan and Villa Paramelle - it just feels right, a bit like home.

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